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BMS Mangoes Marketplace is a seller's platform. Join us to offer your products and services. It is an e-commerce website for online sales, digital products and services. We are the retail sales station for products developed through our publishing, media, manufacturing and research and development companies. Our corporate office is in Oviedo, Florida. Our Online products and services consists of any and all retail products and services sold and provided online. Our featured products and services are provided to the general consumer 24/7. BMS Mangoes Marketplace springs from and is owned and operated by The Great House Publishing, Inc. and The Great House Media Group of Publishers this is a merger and amalgamation of The Great House Publishing Inc. and The Great House Publishing(2008) Inc. Our marketing company is Bunch Marketing Solutions. Our Management Company Bunch Management Solutions and Bunch Manpower Solutions. Our Development of the Advertising Firm NJ/NY and Our web services company we are solely owned and operated by Michael Lattiboudeaire and The Great House Ministries Intl Inc."