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From Hard to Heart by Bishop Carrie Buie-Bryant, (published by The Great House Publishing, Inc., Miramar, Florida), 

ISBN-13: 9781889448534 - ISBN-10: 1889448532, Hardcover $24.95, 

Pages 188, 

Publication Date: 10/10/1999 

Product Code: FHTH99979 


From Hard to Heart, December 14, 1999; this was an inspiring book to read. It is a "must read" for everyone. It’s easy to read; however, hard to put down. Once you start reading you can't stop until you reach the end. We can't wait for the sequel. It inspired us to move on to the next level in our Christian walk.

Awesome! From Hard to Heart is a must for every woman to read who has had struggles and hardships in her life or is struggling with a problem. This book has issues in which most women can relate. It will make you laugh, cry and say, "Lord why." It has been a source of inspiration and strength to me. This book will encourage the reader to persevere in whatever he / she is going through. Once one begins to read the book, it is hard to put down.

This biography is a '...rags to riches story...' the perfect story of a life destitute and doomed to failure according to men's standard but rises like the phoenix from the ashes to sit among 'The Chiefest among Men'. This is a woman's success story. This is a former share cropper's story. This is the pain and agony of a black woman. This is the victory of some who prayed for those that 'despitefully used her' rather than retaliating and becoming bitter. This is the success story of an overcomer, in her own rite. The biography enlights us as to where 'Carrie Buie-Bryant" has come from, where she is and where she is going"....As She says, "I am One who escapes to tell the story..." Read it! You'll love it! Sisters read it! Your fight isn't over! Brother, read it, 'It is the sweet fragrance of success'.

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