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Invitation to Learning by Dr. Ralph Voight (published by The Great House Publishing, Inc., Miramar, Florida, 2009), 

170 pages

Product Code: ITL008110 

Category: Professional Development, Education, Pre-School, Collegiate(College Books), Current Affairs

The text of the book itself shows that the idea of a Learning Center approach meets the second criterion for successful implementation, which it must allow for individual instruction. Perhaps the major reason for this is the flexibility which the different types of Learning Centers offer in planning individualized programs. Invitation to Learning must be considered one of the most important educational products available today. It is a must for every educator and teacher. Even if the Learning Center approach is not to be adopted in a given school, the ideas to be derived from this book will be helpful in retooling one’s thinking in the direction of meeting the individual needs of students with learning disabilities, average achievement, and advanced development.


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